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About Jeff Miller: Jeff Miller is an author and tall guy originally from Kent, Ohio. Jeff has been a summer camp counselor, a professional cactus-cutter, and has even lead volunteers building houses in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. He likes writing books best, though.

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THE NERDY DOZEN BOOK 1 (2015): In video games, Neil—or as his online friends know him, ManofNeil—is a superstar. He's only one spot away from the top score on Chameleon, the cool new jet-flying game where the plane supposedly goes invisible at the highest level. But while ManofNeil can take out a whole squadron of enemy planes, regular Neil still gets picked on by the class bully. Until now.

When Neil mysteriously wakes up at an undisclosed military base along with eleven other kids, he learns that Chameleon isn't just a game—it's the training simulator for a real fighter jet! Now the Air Force needs the kids' help piloting its jets on a top-secret rescue mission. Can Neil put his gaming skills to the ultimate real-life test? Because this time Neil isn't just playing for points—he's playing to save the world. (Ages 8-12)

30th Annual
Buckeye Book Fair
November 4, 2017
9:30 to 4:00
Fisher Auditorium Wooster, Ohio
$2 Admission
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