Ron Schaefer

Ron Schaefer

Ron Schaefer spent most of his career as a scientist at B. F. Goodrich. He later became president of a technical consulting company. He published numerous technical papers, and taught classes at the University of Wisconsin and Akron University. Upon retirement, Ron turned his love of nature photography into a second career. This pursuit has taken him from his home in Wadsworth to Parks and Nature Preserves all over the world.


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Ron Schaefer speaks about nature photography and time spent in the woods. Audience: Adult.


Ron Schaefer's Books

Ron Schaefer

A YEAR IN THE WOODS: THE EFFECT OF SEASONAL CHANGE ON JOHNSON WOODS, AN OHIO OLD-GROWTH FOREST (2018): Johnson Woods is a unique and treasured Nature Preserve in Wayne County, Ohio. It contains trees over 400 years in age, and at 206 acres is Ohio's largest old growth forest. The lack of "human improvement" accounts for the enormous biodiversity that exists in the woods.

Ron spent over three years photographing and studying the effect of seasonal changes on the flora and fauna found in Johnson Woods. In 192 pages, he utilizes 186 captioned images and 43 pages of text to vividly describe the seasonal cycles such as the filling and draining of vernal pools; the arrival of waterfowl in late winter; the migration and mating of frogs and salamanders; the mating and fledging of owls; the nesting and predatory life of hawks; the mating and nesting of woodpeckers and other resident birds; the stopover and sometimes nesting of migratory birds; the blooming of spring and summer flowers; the life of mammals; the stages of insect life; the growth of mushrooms, moss and lichens; the autumn coloration of leaves; and last but not least, the life and death of the majestic old growth trees.

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