More Information for Buckeye Book Fair Authors

How To Apply?

Authors participate by invitation only. If you would like to be invited to attend the Buckeye Book Fair, please see the Submissions page for information on how to submit your book for consideration.

Who Sells the Books?

The Buckeye Book Fair purchases books directly from the authors' publisher(s) and sells these books to the general public and libraries at our event through our streamlined checkout. Books are ordered in October and will be set up at the authors' tables when they arrive.

The Buckeye Book Fair does not have booths available for private vendors.

Can I Provide My Own Books / Other Products?

The Buckeye Book Fair purchases books directly from the authors' publisher(s).

If you have copies of a title that is out-of-print and would like to sell it at the book fair, it should be listed on your registration form with your name on the publisher line. The Buckeye Book Fair purchases at 40% off the cover price from authors. Authors providing their own titles will need to ship or deliver books before October 30.

Our inventory manager (located in the stage area of Fisher Auditorium) will give you a receipt for any books you bring in and for any books that are taken home at the end of the day. Authors that have provided their own books will be paid within 30 days of the book fair.

The Buckeye Book Fair will also consider including non-book items (such as art prints, CDs, or gift items) to be provided by the author. Please contact the director to discuss arrangements prior to September 1.

Due to the complicated logistics of the event, please do NOT plan to bring books on fair day, except for your backup supply, or by arrangement with the manager.

Speaking Opportunities

Authors indicate their interest in speaking opportunities on their author registration form.

The Buckeye Book Fair currently features only five speakers at the book fair. Book fair speakers present on the topics of their books and will be selected in September.

BBF's literacy awards program allows schools, libraries, and reading groups to apply for a visit with a BBF author. Here are the links for more information about the Author Visit Awards and how to apply. Author visits will be selected in October.

Event Time and Place

The Buckeye Book Fair is held from 9:30 AM to 4:00 PM in Fisher Auditorium on the campus of the Ohio Agricultural Research and Development Center (OARDC) in Wooster, Ohio. Please see the Get Directions page to find your way to the book fair.

Authors are asked to arrive anytime between 8-9 AM. Breakfast, lunch, snacks, and refreshments are provided, including vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options, for authors and their guest.

Authors should park next to the auditorium in the large free-parking lot and enter on the north side of the building through the door marked Author Entrance. Authors will be met at the door and given instructions.

How Big Is My Table?

Each author will be seated at an 8' x 3' banquet table with another author to sign books and meet the public. Because of this arrangement, authors are limited to five titles. There will be a seating plan which authors can find in the centerfold of our printed brochure (which will be mailed to authors in October). Seating is randomly assigned and not all tables can connect to a power outlet. Please notify the Director before September 15th if you need to request a power outlet (for your laptop) or would like to display a large banner or backdrop behind your table.

BBF Set up photo 1

Tables will be provided with a blue tablecloth, a supply of your books, and a sign with your book price list. You may bring easels or a free-standing display with you, but they should not exceed two feet in depth due to the closeness of the space. We have a supply of hooks that can be used to display materials on the wall behind your table.

Seating Chart

If you would like to be seated next to an author friend that is already listed on the Buckeye Book Fair's Meet the Authors web page, or need access to an outlet, please let the director know by September 1.

What Should I Bring / How Many of My Books Did You Order?

Authors are encouraged to bring tabletop displays or visual aids (see photo below), handouts and/or projects for kids, your favorite autographing pens, and a backup supply of books (if convenient to do so). Your books will be ordered directly from the publisher and will be set up at your table when you arrive.

BBF set up photo 3

We typically purchase books by case quantity. Depending on the type and cost of your book, we generally order 25 to 50 copies of each title. However, publishers will not accept large quantities of returns, so we will try to order very close to the number of books we think will sell.

Authors are strongly encouraged to bring a backup supply of books due to the unpredictability of sales. If needed, the Buckeye Book Fair will purchase the books from you at the standard retail discount of 40% or will mail replacement copies to you following the event.

Books are displayed on author tables AND in a separate browsing area (see photo below). Many customers prefer to pick out their books from the browsing area set up on the stage. There is a red ribbon attached to the authors' signposts which authors will slide to the top of the post to signal book runners who will bring more books when needed.

BBF Set up photo 2

Publicity Info

Facebook: You can network with us through Facebook at

Brochure: Our 24-page promotional brochure will be printed and distributed in October. Please let us know if you are willing to distribute BBF promotional brochures and posters to areas of interest in your hometown.

- 2020 promo flier

Event details:

» 2020 Buckeye Book Fair

» Saturday, November 7th - 9:30 AM to 4:00 PM

» Book signing - Northeast Ohio's biggest book show! 100 Ohio authors and illustrators will be signing their new books for readers of all ages. The book fair is held at Fisher Auditorium in Wooster, Ohio (1680 Madison Ave). Complete details are online at

What Should I Wear?

Business casual is appropriate for both the Buckeye Book Fair and the Friday evening author reception.

Where Should I Stay?

With many Buckeye Book Fair authors living in nearby parts of Ohio, the book fair asks the publisher or author to cover transportation and lodging costs. The following accommodations are recommended and are within 5 minutes of driving to Fisher Auditorium.

Comfort Suites - across street from Fisher Aud ($109 block room rate), 330-439-0190

Best Western - downtown Wooster ($119), 330-264-7750

Econo Lodge ($75), 330-264-8883

Rodeway Inn ($75), 330-262-5008

Black Squirrel Inn B&B ($110), 330-262-3803

Market Street Inn B&B ($105), 330-262-4085

Gasche House B&B (10% discount for BBF authors), website


A complete list of area accommodations is available on the Wayne County Visitors Bureau website.

Author Reception

There will be an author reception the evening before the Buckeye Book Fair held at Fisher Auditorium from 5:30 to 8:00 PM. The author reception is an opportunity for authors to mingle with each other and the book fair's organizers and to see their tables. Parking and entrance instructions are the same as for the book fair.

Get Involved

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